Eres Un Homo
No Lie

My name is Jackie, I'm 23 and this is a personal blog. I don't role play. I don't make fancy photo sets (though I make gifs sometimes; they don't always come out). I don't draw (I do actually, but it's pretty terrible). I just reblog things I like...And stalk people. I do that too.

~I track greenkitsune, so please tag me in replies and whatnot...thanks~

I tag all meaningless text posts with gk talks. Please feel free to block that.

Fandoms Include (But Are Not Limited To):

*Batman and Family (almost every incarnation)

*Sailor Moon

*G Gundam

*Yu Yu Hakusho




*Game of Thrones/ASoIAF

*LOTR/The Hobbit

*Harry Potter


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